Sunday, 22 September 2013


quilt bedspread...apa tu?

heheh ada yang confused bila saya quilt tau..bkn cotton biasa..xkurang juga yg xde fitted cadar? bolster pun xde?

:-) istimewa nya quilt ni :

1) tebal material nya
2) cotton semestinya
3) xpayah nk fitted bagai...hampar je atas katil
4) sgt mudah nk di kemas..sesuai sgt utk org yg sibuk..yang xpunya byk masa nk siap2 katil sebagainya


sangat reasonable tau...hanya RM175 free courier for semenanjung
RM195 untuk sabah & sarawak..nk naik kapal terbang kan..mahal la skit

saya share lg contoh picture nya ye..

wooden bike

Wooden Balance BikeOpen for Pre Order 20-26 Sept
Stock Will Arrive 3 weeks after close date
Special Price RM199
Pls PM us for price

Balance Bike,Wooden Balance Bike,Wooden Bike
with soft TPE handgrips,soft PU
good plywood+birch wood
The range of balance bikes are a fun way of helping your child learn the basics of balancing.
By using their feet to move the bike forward, your child doesn’t have to worry about pedaling while at the same time learning to feel the dynamics of balancing. This takes the frustration out of learning to ride a bicycle for both the child and the parent!

- High quality natural birch plywood
- Please note our tyres uses a full wooden spoke providing extra safety and rigidity to the whole bike
- Soft padded seat providing extra comfort
- Adjustable saddle height (34cm, 36cm & 38cm) suitable for all size children
- Suitable for children from 2-5 years
- Dampened steering making it easier to control
- Approved child safe handle bars
- Inflatable rubber tyres with 38cm clearance
- Includes a built-in carry handle
- Easy 15 minutes assembly
- Weight approximately 4kg
- Dimensions: 85cm X 37cm X 55cm (L x W x H)

plywood+birch wood
non-toxic paint
approx. 4kg
33cm-37cm (Adjustable)
85 x 35 x 55cm (LxWxH)

to check how to ride this bike